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 Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator

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Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator  Empty
PostSubject: Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator    Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator  I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 20, 2012 1:53 am

Attention this post,it's a copy of my previous one in (mk-tascommunity old forum)

Hello everyone today I'll teach you how to make one Basic-TAS using SNES Emulator

Step 1: Knowing the emulator:

Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator  313c1ece

We need of one emulator with this "tools' added, that are slowdown, frameadvance ( it allows run the game for fram-by-frame) and save and load parts of the game. So you need download here (I'm using the snes9x-1.52-rr-r185)
So afters of dowloaded extract this file in some folder of acess easy. Now open snes9x.

Step2: Config

Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator  1

Now you can configure the controllers and the main keys for your use during the TAS
You can configure your controllers going Input> Input Configurations ( here you can config all your player according with you want)
Configure too your hotkeys (this are tools that you will use for making you first tool assisted) going in Input> Customize hotkeys
you will use more FRAME- ADVANCE (you gonna play for each animation frame this means you'll play frame-by-frame) I recomender always let
the frame-advance =SPACE.
This are basic configuration but essentials.
Now click on File>Load game and select your game, for exemple we'll to use umk3 and double click in your rom
....Now your game will starting normally

Step 3: Starting

Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator  2

We'll use now this tool with one short TAS run...
Before, it'll to test ours "tools", on the game runing let it in one versus fight 2player (remember to config your 2p before of that) and press space( frame advance)
put Striker vs Nightwolf
" Save State = The name even say the means,he save your moment current,any place that you are you can save using the save state;
Load State = Means that you can back(load) your moment before.
when you press load state key, you back the the start point that you saved with the save state..
1 save and 2 the other back...You'll use many,but many times in anything that you'll make...
Keys: SS(Save State)= You save using in 10 parts
Shift+f1,Shift+f2, Shift+f3 ...until Shift+f10
LS(Load State)= They are more simple, only the keys respectively to the your save;
Well, it knowing of that we can continue "
Back to the fight
Use one SS with f1 right (pause/break) for runing the game,jump -back.. now press LS with f1
Congratulations you used the first time the SS and LS!
Now use the frame advance for combos:
Using the Striker let it near of nighttwolf and press space(frame advance),you are seeing the game stopped right? ok
Now press and hold HK and press space(frame advance) release it and press 5x space, hold HP and press Space and release,
and pres 5x Space , hold HP press Space and release,5x space, h..LP pres.., just hold space, the game
will runing the show the end of the combo...
But why 5x?
Why the game need to wait 5 frame for actve the 2ª move, each move have so frame for active the 2ª comand.
For exemple Striker's Rapid Fire Gun..hold back and press frame and release, hold forward press frame and release and hold HP press frame and release...ready!
Now you hear the opponent scream xD......

This is the basic knowlege with use the tool...
Ah! you can use the keys -,= or + and - for increase and decrease the speed game

Step 4: Making the Tool assisted

Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator  3

Go in file> Movie Record
In record movie
Browser=> use choose the place and the rename you file;
Recording Start=> Reset: you will play since the starting the game
Now: you play in your position current;
Record Controllers=> Here select if you will use in your run 1 play,2p,3p..5p, well, normally we using 1p or 2p...(Top gear 3000 you use 4p);
Author Infor: this isn't necessary but it always good put your descritpion of you movie;
knowing of that
go in browser and choose after select record now and 1 and 2 joypad and press OK!
On the Screen will appear, movie record ( your movie already be started) and the frame will be in FRAME:0
How show the image:
Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator  Semttulo-6
Now with the knowlege cited above and make one round..remember everytime when you do the move use SS before
because if you mistake you can correct using the LS...

After end your round go in File=> Stop Movie..Ready you finished you tool assisted;
Now we going watching it
File=Movie Play, in Browser find your file and press,ok and ok....the will stop(or no) and you press pause/break for run
you file... what you are watching is your tool assisted;
If when you stop you movie( when you are making) and continue more later or other day, you use your save state
Stop your movie.. and in other hour or other day when you play again..go in file=> movie play, select your file and in
option Open-Read-Only let it uncheck,so press you last load state for continue....

Step 5 : Recording your tool assisted

Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator  4

After you finishe you TA for complete go in
File=> movie play=> select your file and the game will pause, then go in Start AVI Reacording, choose where you want save
and rename the file=> choose you codec ( I like use Xvid or Ffdshow ) If you haven't , make download is very easy of find
and press OK now press pause/break and let the game runing because he is recording

After Finishe your file press pause/break..go in fileand stop avi..ready

You did your first TAS and he is recorded!
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Making a basic-TAS using SNES Emulator
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